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The Funny Uncles - Writin' Songs album flac

  • Performer: The Funny Uncles
  • Title: Writin' Songs
  • Size FLAC ver: 1519 mb
  • Date of release: 2016
  • Style: Novelty, Parody
  • Other formats: MP1 DTS MIDI APE MP4 AU VQF
  • Genre: Pop
  • Rating: 4.9 of 5
The Funny Uncles - Writin' Songs album flac

The song is entitled "Pepsi" and is featured on the album "Writin' Songs" by "The Funny Uncles".

Anti-corporate Jingles project by Drew Danburry & JR Boyce. Drew Danburry has long been one of the hardest working guys in music. With a myriad of various projects, his latest is The Funny Uncles with JR Boyce. The band release their new album Writin’.

album: Writin' Songs. Hershey Helped Ban Imported Chocolate Cause They Can't Compete. album: Writin' Songs. Swatch Sponsored Rodney Mullen One Time so They're Pretty Much the Best. Anheuser Busch Comes from Water Cold and Pure. Kellogs Was Formed by Two Adventists Trying to Curb Your Libido. Subway: Azodicarbonamide. Red Bull, Sweet Bros, Starcraft, Bam Margera. Victoria's Secret: Dress up Your Frustrations.

THE FUNNY UNCLES "writin' songs" 3xTAPE. 18,99 $. YAIRMS, ALHHLA "split" TAPE. 3,99 $. YAIRMS "part one" TAPE. 2. BANDCAMP: We only have some stuff we have released on bandcamp but everything on bandcamp comes with a free download of the album you are purchasing (and usually includes extra bonus things that aren't listed) The reason EVERYTHING we've released is not here is because sometimes we release stuff alongside other labels and those labels ask us not to. 3. DEPOP: Mostly band t-shirts and other non media related merchandise. Indicates required field.

from Writin' Songs by The Funny Uncles. Streaming + Download. Includes unlimited streaming of Writin' Songs via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. ships out within 7 days.

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The Funny Uncles - Fox News, Fair and Balanced 00:38. The Funny Uncles - Hershey Helped Ban Imported Chocolate Cause They Can't Compete 00:26. The Funny Uncles - Taco Bell Please Bring Back the Chilito 00:55. The Funny Uncles - Gillette Saves Time 00:33. The Funny Uncles - Samsung Eavesdrops Through Your Smart TV 00:36. The Funny Uncles - AT&T Listens to Your Conversations and Sells the Information Off 00:32

An album is a collection of audio recordings issued as a collection on compact disc (CD), vinyl, audio tape, or another medium. Albums of recorded music were developed in the early 20th century as individual 78-rpm records collected in a bound book resembling a photograph album; this format evolved after 1948 into single vinyl LP records played at 33 1⁄3 rpm. Vinyl LPs are still issued, though album sales in the 21st-century have mostly focused on CD and MP3 formats.


A1 Pepsi 0:44
A2 Kraft 0:40
A3 Nabisco 0:39
A4 Johnson & Johnson 0:25
A5 Redbull 0:39
A6 Old Spice 0:44
A7 Netflix 0:20
A8 Fox 0:38
A9 Hershey 0:26
A10 Taco Bell 0:55
A11 Gillette 0:33
A12 Swatch 0:12
A13 HBO 0:50
A14 Samsung 0:36
A15 AT&T 0:32
A16 Burger King 0:36
A17 Skittles 0:22
A18 Wells Fargo 0:44
A19 Chevron 0:04
A20 Goldman Sachs 0:08
A21 Ford 0:32
A22 Snickers 0:32
A23 Supercuts 0:21
B1 Anhueser Busch 0:33
B2 Google 0:12
B3 Exxon Mobil 1:01
B4 Microsoft 0:28
B5 Walmart 0:38
B6 Heineken 0:33
B7 The Olsen Twins 0:44
B8 Kelloggs 0:32
B9 Amazon 0:35
B10 Coca-Cola 0:33
B11 Air Jordans 0:43
B12 The Republican Party 0:36
B13 The Democratic Party 0:32
B14 H&M 0:27
B15 Victoria's Secret 0:28
B16 Subway 0:14
B17 Monsanto 1:13
B18 Chipotle 0:17
B19 Comcast 0:14
B20 Dairy Queen 0:28
B21 Whole Foods 0:31
B22 Disney 0:35
C1 Burger King (Bonus Version A) 0:37
C2 McDonalds (Bonus Version A) 0:49
C3 Skittles (Bonus Version B) 0:24
C4 Pizza Hut (Bonus Version A) 0:40
C5 Delta (Bonus Version A) 0:38
C6 Ford (Bonus Version B) 0:33
C7 IBM (Bonus Version A) 0:41
C8 Apple (Bonus Version A) 0:35
C9 Microsoft (Bonus Version B) 0:28
C10 General Mills (Bonus Version A) 0:38
C11 Citi Group (Bonus Version A) 0:29
C12 Goldman Sachs (Bonus Version A) 0:07
C13 Gap 0:24
C14 Mastercard (Bonus Version A) 0:36
C15 The Democratic Party (Bonus Version B) 0:29
C16 The Republican Party (Bonus Version A) 0:38
C17 Nestle (Bonus Version A) 0:35
C18 Dairy Queen (Bonus Version B) 0:29
C19 American Apparell 0:33
C20 Whole Foods (Bonus Version A) 0:52
C21 Costco 0:39
C22 Supercuts (Bonus Version A) 0:21
C23 Air Jordans (Bonus Version B) 0:43
C24 Starbucks 0:26
C25 HBO (Bonus Version A) 0:52
C26 Sony 0:15
C27 Heinz 0:20
C28 Nintendo 0:54
C29 Kelloggs (Bonus Version A) 1:27
C30 Little Caesars 0:37
C31 Levis 0:35
C32 Mastercard (Bonus Version B) 0:36
C33 Gap (Bonus Version A) 0:24
C34 Apple (Bonus Version B) 0:36
C35 Delta (Bonus Version B) 0:39
D1 Kraft (Bonus Version A) 0:41
D2 Johnson & Johnson (Bonus Version A) 0:25
D3 Netflix (Bonus Version A) 0:21
D4 Hershey (Bonus Version A) 0:24
D5 Gillette (Bonus Version A) 0:33
D6 Krispy Kreme 0:12
D7 Samsung (Bonus Version A) 0:35
D8 AT&T (Bonus Version A) 0:31
D9 Burger King (Bonus Version A) 0:37
D10 McDonalds 0:49
D11 Skittles (Bonus Version A) 0:22
D12 Pizza Hut 0:41
D13 Delta 0:38
D14 Ford (Bonus Version A) 0:33
D15 IBM 0:39
D16 Snickers (Bonus Version A) 0:35
D17 Apple 0:36
D18 Anheuser Busch 0:34
D19 Microsoft (Bonus Version A) 0:29
D20 General Mills 0:40
D21 Heineken 0:32
D22 Citi Group 0:29
D23 Air Jordans (Bonus Version A) 0:43
D24 General Electric 0:49
D25 Amazon (Bonus Version A) 0:34
D26 Coco-Cola (Bonus Version A) 0:33
D27 Mastercard 0:36
D28 The Democratic Party (Bonus Version A) 0:29
D29 Nestle 0:35
D30 H&M (Bonus Version A) 0:29
D31 Subway 0:08
D32 Chipotle (Bonus Version A) 0:08
D33 Comcast (Bonus Version A) 0:14
D34 Dairy Queen (Bonus Version A) 0:29
D35 Disney (Bonus Version A) 0:37
E1 Pepsi (Instrumental) 0:45
E2 Kraft (Instrumental) 0:43
E3 Nabisco (Instrumental) 0:38
E4 Johnson & Johnson (Instrumental) 0:26
E5 Red Bull (Instrumental) 0:35
E6 Old Spice (Instrumental) 0:42
E7 Netflix (Instrumental) 0:21
E8 Fox (Instrumental) 0:37
E9 Hershey (Instrumental) 0:26
E10 Taco Bell (Instrumental) 0:50
E11 Gillette (Instrumental) 0:34
E12 HBO (Instrumental) 0:50
E13 Samsung (Instrumental) 0:38
E14 AT&T (Instrumental) 0:32
E15 Burger King (Instrumental) 0:37
E16 Skittles (Instrumental) 0:24
E17 Wells Fargo (Instrumental) 0:47
E18 Chevron (Instrumental) 0:04
E19 Goldman Sachs (Instrumental) 0:10
E20 Ford (Instrumental) 0:34
E21 Snickers (Instrumental) 0:35
E22 Supercuts (Instrumental) 0:21
E23 Air Jordans (Instrumental) 0:42
E24 Anheuser Busch (Instrumental) 0:33
E25 Google (Instrumental) 0:12
E26 Exxon Mobil (Instrumental) 1:04
E27 Microsoft (Instrumental) 0:29
E28 Walmart (Instrumental) 0:37
E29 Heineken (Instrumental) 0:33
E30 The Olsen Twins (Instrumental) 0:44
E31 Kelloggs (Instrumental) 1:45
F1 Amazon (Instrumental) 0:36
F2 Coca-Cola (Instrumental) 0:34
F3 The Republican Party (Instrumental) 0:38
F4 The Democratic Party (Instrumental) 0:34
F5 H&M (Instrumental) 0:28
F6 Victoria's Secret (Instrumental) 0:25
F7 Subway (Instrumental) 0:09
F8 Monsanto (Instrumental) 1:14
F9 Chipotle (Instrumental) 0:09
F10 Comcast (Instrumental) 0:16
F11 Dairy Queen (Instrumental) 0:29
F12 Whole Foods (Instrumental) 0:32
F13 Disney (Instrumental) 0:37
F14 Krispy Kreme (Instrumental) 0:09
F15 McDonalds (Instrumental) 0:49
F16 Pizza Hut (Instrumental) 0:42
F17 Delta (Instrumental) 0:38
F18 IBM (Instrumental) 0:40
F19 Apple (Instrumental) 0:35
F20 General Mills (Instrumental) 0:42
F21 Citi Group (Instrumental) 0:29
F22 General Electric (Instrumental) 0:42
F23 Mastercard (Instrumental) 0:37
F24 The Democratic Party (Bonus Versions A & B) (Instrumental) 0:29
F25 Nestle (Instrumental) 0:35
F26 Gap (Instrumental) 0:27
F27 American Apparell (Instrumental) 0:34
F28 Costco (Instrumental) 0:39
F29 Starbucks (Instrumental) 0:27
F30 Sony (Instrumental) 0:15
F31 Heinz (Instrumental) 0:19
F32 Nintendo (Instrumental) 0:53
F33 Little Caesars (Instrumental) 0:36
F34 Levis (Instrumental) 0:36


  • Design – Ryan Avery*
  • Illustration – John-Ross Boyce
  • Written By – Drew Danburry, John-Ross Boyce


Limited edition of 100. Includes 13 page black and white zine with illustrations by John-Ross Boyce

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