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Danny And The Other Guys - (You Been Givin' Me) Hard Times / Five For Fourteen Fifty album flac

  • Performer: Danny And The Other Guys
  • Title: (You Been Givin' Me) Hard Times / Five For Fourteen Fifty
  • Size FLAC ver: 1635 mb
  • Date of release: 1966
  • Style: Garage Rock
  • Other formats: DTS XM MIDI ASF AIFF WAV WMA
  • Genre: Rock
  • Rating: 4.2 of 5
Danny And The Other Guys - (You Been Givin' Me) Hard Times / Five For Fourteen Fifty album flac

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Me and Drama been givin' and takin' Shout to Danny Seth, DeJ Loaf (The British are coming). It's not givin', it's just takin', it's just takin' Live your life, roll your blunts and chase nathin' I've been out here for a minute, it's my time Bought a watch before a crib I'm too important and I can't show you where I live Why they think

All that I want Is to wake up fine Tell me that I'm all right That I ain't gonna die All that I want Is a hole in the ground You can tell me when it’s alright For me to come out. (Hard times) Gonna make you wonder why you even try (Hard times) Gonna take you down and laugh when you cry (These lives) And I still don't know how I even survive (Hard times) (Hard times) And I gotta get to rock bottom (Oof!) Walking around With my little rain cloud Hanging over my head And it ain’t coming down Where do I go? Gimme some sort of sign You.

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A (You Been Givin' Me) Hard Times
B Five For Fourteen Fifty

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